• Dynamic
  • Proactive
  • Eager to Learn
  • Creative
  • Great Social Skills
  • Diverse Tech Know-how 
  • Adaptable

Business oriented skils:

  • Capacity of Analysis
  • Communication Skills
  • Methodical
  • Time Management Skills
  • Detail Oriented

Team player with a passion for rapid experimentation, learning and improving, developer community building, and building pixel-perfect interfaces. Organizer of BarcelonaJS and team lead of three cross-functional Growth Development teams at Typeform.


Lead Software Engineer / Fullstack Developer

2018 -Today
  • Lead two in-house cross-functional teams and one agency team focused on client acquisition, retention, and activation growth initiatives, providing mentorship and career development opportunities

  • Co-design and develop A/B and multivariate tests, taking a data-driven approach to improving key growth metrics

  • Collaborate with product and marketing stakeholders to boost landing page performance, SEO, accessibility, and conversion rates

  • Work directly with the CTO to develop strategies for technical debt cleanup, hiring, documentation, and engineer onboarding

  • Propose and drive “app shell” initiative to migrate gracefully from a legacy PHP application mounting a number of micro-frontends to a modern, single-page React application with improved data caching and shared dependencies

Dev Lead / Fullstack Developer

2016 - 2018
  • Led a team of five engineers in building new client onboarding flows

  • Developed new features that improved the automated data ingestion of client data and tooling improvements for the data pipeline, which directly improved the extraction, transformation, cleaning, and visualization of the clients data. This allowed the company to allocate 50% of its data engineers to creating and improving models rather than focusing on tedious data normalization

  • Built tooling to simplify the development cycle and deployment process, reducing software release cycle timeline from 1 month to 2 weeks

Dev Lead / Fullstack Developer

2013 – 2016
  • Developed new products in the monitoring and cyber security markets as a core team member

  • Developed a distributed and highly scalable systems monitoring solution from scratch, ranging from simple health checking to Raspberry Pis testing critical services from remote locations. Used by more than 20 clients, which had more than 2,000 monitored data points each on average

  • Created a web application to aid internal cyber security auditing teams in reporting  detected vulnerabilities to clients. It also served as a knowledge base, containing more than 1,000 records of detected vulnerabilities and potential remediations

  • Developed a platform that provided clients with social engineering training exercises for their employees, enabling them to assess and train employees on social engineering avoidance

Consultant Programmer

2012 – 2013
  • Developed and maintained digitized death certificate management software for the Portuguese Ministry of Health

  • Communicated with more than 10 external stakeholders to determine scope, discuss trade-offs, and ensure requirements were met or exceeded

Consultant Programmer

2011 – 2012
  • Built and maintained CMS frameworks for large international brands such as Telefónica and The National, including mechanisms for localization and performance improvements


2010 -2011
  • Implemented and integrated solutions for Business Process Management on a project for the portal of DRAPLVT (Ministry of Agriculture and Sea)

Skills & Proficiency


React & Redux


Python & Django


AWS & Firebase


Volunteer Work

BARCELONAJS • 2018-2020 • 

Co-organizer for the meetup group BarcelonaJS, a monthly meetup that averages 200 developers per event.



Responsible for a team of 30 people across five different departments;
Management of: social activities and cultural activities, language, accommodation solution, divulgation and partnerships;
Target and Numbers: over 3000 Erasmus students; dealt with over 100.000€ of money transactions within the association’s accounting.